Gamified Self-Inquiry and Expression

How to challenge oneself continuously?

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I find it super hard to live in a modern world full of distractions, I experience sensory overhelm with too-many-decisions to be made even to satisfy my basic needs like food, transportation, belonging, etc. And then, how to find a moment of calm to create and for self-actualisation where focus and flow exists?

So my concept is:

an imaginary safe space "cocoon" where everything is possible to create and no outter world distractions matter. everyone can create their own imaginary world with creatures - metaphors - that help them create. converse with natural world and things to spark creativity. interaction sparks creative thoughts and actions.

so this concept is about World Building Toolkit for Solo Creative Expression.

to be continued..

old draft: ...

Loneliness and mental health are the pandemics of the modern world. Nowadays, people live in cities, in boxed appartment blocks, where environment is not fuelling curiosity.


When stuck, when having a lack of motivation, when feeling a need for a change, often an impulse is to look for answers outside: like consumption (going shopping), entertainment (watching Netflix or going to a party), asking friends or family members, or trusting in "social norms" where "society" provides a path for a lifestyle. This results in a passive life where someone else is deciding for us on how to live. But this path doesn't contribute to people development, self-actualisation, healthy relationships, nor creation of value in society. A passive lifestyle is simply boring, exhausting and often a waste.


Active lifestyle is a way more interesting and rewarding. Looking for answers inside and constinuously challenging oneself to explore. Such a lifestyle has a lot of uncertainty but at the same time space for various opportunities. Also, seeing oneself as a living system means being active, self-organised, regenerative. So, how to spark a social norm of active lifestyle where activeness is expressed through exploration and experimenting, constantly changing and moving forward like evolution does?

Self-inquiry has to be gamified. For newbies, it's a big effort to learn how to reflect, capture thoughts, synthesise thoughts. It's simply demotivating to try to change one's mental habits and do things differently.


A gamified self-inquiry and self-expression practice mixed with spiritual ecology principles. It is a mental toolkit for self-development that helps to reveal what matters to the person by looking inside oneself, and doing this through play.

Use Case Scenario:

In the moment of fear, uncertainty, demotivation, four animals are remembered that spark curiosity. The animals are symbols of Earth's elements: air, water, wood, soil. These elements are expressed through the metaphors of bird, octopus, tree, snail. As a participant in a gamified self-inquiry journey, a person "thinks as a bird" (or other animal) in various situations when they need a kick to reflect.

  • A bird is about imagination, big picture, playfulness, everything is possible type of thinking.

  • Octopus is about flexibility in actions and communication.

  • Tree is a realist, how-to mind.

  • Snail is about slow thinking.

The toolkit can be used in education, self-development, entertainment. I'm going to try this at one of my projects soon.

This is a draft. To be continued...


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