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Planetary habitation vehicle (PHV). To help people live directly on planets, free from housing. YAML 項目 產品

/haɪvɪkə/ "Hivica" is derived from words "hive" and "vehicle" or "car", and is pronounced as /haɪvɪˑkə/ or "hive car".

This project is an approach to implementing the HiveCell idea, based on the original insights from The HiveCell Project.

Here, I'll be focusing on a proof of concept, but at the same time, the commercialization through licensing of the designs for manufacturing purposes. I.e., to make N units of Hivica, N licenses need to be bought.

I'm thinking open sourcing it once I reach the point, where I can demo the new kind of lifestyle. Till then, I'll share more abstract progress updates here.

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